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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



GRANTONWORLD is a lifestyle website that offers daily promos. A website where you can get great deals and huge discounts on products and services. Here at GRANTONWORLD we believe that you should live more for less!

- Where is GRANTONWORLD located?

We are located at:

5F Unit A&B Belvedere Tower Condominium, San Miguel Ave. Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605

- Is there a fee to join GRANTONWORLD?

Joining GRANTONWORLD is absolutely FREE. Just sign up to become a member and get daily alerts of our deals.

- Is GRANTONWORLD safe to use?

Yes, of course! Our website is SSL certified and all our payment gateway providers are PCI certified.

- How do I subscribe/join GRANTONWORLD?

Click on Sign up to register your name and email address in our website and you’re all set to go.

- I cannot log-in, how can I remedy this? (Forgot Password / Password Reset)

If you forgot your password, you can click on (Forgot Password) and reset it. You will then receive an email with your new password.


- What will you do with my credit card and billing information?

We do not keep or store any credit card information. We work with our banking partners (Paypal and our local banks) to handle storage of secure information.

- What will you do with my email address?

Your email address will be used to send you notifications of our daily deals and treated with the highest confidentiality (see our Privacy Policy)

- What is Get Social?

Get Social is the social networking part of GRANTONWORLD. Similar to Facebook, you can share our deals with your friends/contacts through Get Social.


- How does GRANTONWORLD work?

GRANTONWORLD offers the biggest discounts for those who want to live more for less!

- What is G Points?

G Points is our own version of credits that allows subscribers to enjoy shopping at 1 point is equal to 10 RM and can be used in purchasing any of GRANTONWORLD’s amazing deals as regular cash.

- What is Win with G?

Win with G is where all our contest, promotions and freebies are announced. We will send you notifications whenever we have contests so that you will be able to join and get the chance to win something from GRANTONWORLD.

- I want to buy a deal, how do I get it?

Click on Grab it! Process payment then you’re ready to “Live more for less”

- How do I use GRANTONWORLD voucher?

You can print out the voucher and present it to the merchant to claim your purchased products and/or services

- Can I use the GRANTONWORLD voucher as a gift?

Yes. We also have the feature/button “Gift a Friend” wherein you can automatically gift the deals we offer to your friends.

- How can I join contests?

Stay tune to our website and email notifications for upcoming contests.

- How will I know if and when my credit card is charged for the product I purchased?

We will send you an email stating that we have charged your credit card for the purchase(s) that you’ve made.

- What if there is a failed transaction with my credit card? How can I be sure I wasn’t charged for the purchase I made?

We will send you an email if and when there is a failed transaction with your credit card.

- Can I cancel or return my order?

You can change your purchase up until the deal ended, as long as you haven’t printed your vouchers. Once you printed and decided to cancel your purchase you can write or email us within 7 working days of Voucher receipt (prior to any redemption of the Voucher being made).

For Products

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- What is Get Featured?

Get Featured is our way of promoting and featuring your business to even more potential customers and therefore doubling your business. You can email us at

- What is G Affiliate?

G Affiliate is the partnership with GRANTONWORLD by affiliating with us; you will double your business and market value.

- How do I become a partner of GRANTONWORLD?

You can become a partner by clicking on the G Affiliate link

- I cannot log-in to my Partner account, how can I remedy this? (Forgot Password / Password Reset)

If you forgot your password, you can click on (Forgot Password) and reset it. You will then receive an email with your new password.


- How do I Gift a Friend?

We have included a button that allows you to automatically gift your friend the deal(s) you want to give them.

- How do I refer/invite friends to GRANTONWORLD and how many friends can I invite?

We have included a button that allows you to invite your friends to GRANTONWORLD and you can add as many as you want.

- How do I share the product deals with my friends?

You can share our great deals by sharing the links to Facebook, Twitter and through your email. The bigger the group, the sweeter the deal is for you.


- How can I have my purchase delivered?

Delivery is only applicable for product deals and not all product deals has provisions for delivery. We have one of the most trusted courier services as our partners, guaranteeing that your purchases will arrive fast and safe for you to enjoy it as soon as possible.

- If I am not at home, can I have someone else receive my purchase/package? How?

Yes, you can. Print out the voucher; write an authorization letter bearing your signature, and a valid ID. Have your family member or friend provide a valid ID to the delivery man to show upon delivery.